Swiss Life Arena


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ProjectSwiss Life Arena

CompletionThe opening of the Swiss Life Arena is planned for August 2022

LocationAltstetten, Zurich

PurposeAn ice hockey arena is being built in Altstetten, Zurich. The arena has two rinks and a parking garage topped with a roof, which will also serve as a public terrace. The main arena is designed for about 12,000 fans. The second rink is a training hall and a venue for junior and lower league team matches.

Formwork systemsNOE is supplying formwork for more than 200 concrete sections of the Zurich arena.
The largest sections are 21.70 m long and 11.59 m high. This requires more than 50 formliners in different shapes and sizes up to 1.76 x 3.42 m and a weight of 590 kg.
To avoid visible transitions between formliners as much as possible, all formliner butt joints were formed with formliners precut to the required sizes and the 5 mm and 7 mm wide joints filled and sealed with NOEplast filler.

Special featuresThe special features of this site are the complex fair-faced concrete facades. The longer sides are designed as concave waves and the shape of the north and south facades makes reference to a curtain.
The facades incorporate glazed bull’s-eyes with a diameter of 2.00 m and lend the building a festive appearance.
The arena’s facades are constructed using in situ concrete and not designed as prefabricated elements attached to the front of a load-bearing structure. This has the advantage that, if done properly, there are no visible joints. However, this method also requires great care and a lot of know-how.

Main contractorARGE ZSC ARENA
Marti AG Zurich
Marizzi AG Bertschikon

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"To prepare us for this task, we searched for similar projects with a view to finding out what difficulties we might encounter and how we could overcome them. But we found no comparable project anywhere in the world. Therefore, I am extremely proud that we are making such good progress and that everyone on site is committed to achieving the required high quality”
Project Manager Marcel Lappert