High horsepower in fine form


Project data

Motorworld Region Stuttgart


Soon the premium marques Harley-Davidson, Ferrari and Maserati will be on sale at the Forum für Fahrkultur. 

Formwork systems
  • 5.30 x 2.65 m NOEtop XXL panel
  • NOEtop R 275

Special features
The architecture of the building is remarkable for the many skews and inclines of the walls. The NOE engineers were able to make use of a special advantage of NOEtop. Two further advantages of the NOEtop system are that the tie rods can be freely positioned anywhere in the bracing and the panel widths and heights can be chosen to achieve a consistent grid pattern. 

Main contractor
Wurster Bauunternehmung GmbH, Grafenberg

"We have worked for years with NOE on large projects. In most cases, we use standard NOEtop formwork. On Meilenwerk, however, we found ourselves using circular and special formwork as well.

Our working relationship with NOE is excellent, everything is done with the minimum of formalities. If something is required at short notice, it is delivered in equally quick time. We are satisfied with NOE and expect to be working with the company's formwork again in the future.”
Foreman Karl Köhler