NOE anchor cap

For the anchoring of anti-fall devices onto a building's structural frame or for the attachment of edge formwork, stopend brackets etc.


  • Made out of polyamide, they leave no rust stains on the wall surface
  • For anchor rod DW Ø 15 mm 
  • FMPA approved, report available
  • Indestructible and robust 
  • Flexible and strong 
  • Wide range of accessories 
  • Inexpensive alternative to anchor caps made from metal or aluminium

Load diagram NOE anchor cap clear of edge influence

  • The values relate to a single anchor cap 
  • Values for a concrete strength of 15 N/mm² 
  • From the chart:
    For a 30 kN axial pull-out force, maximum transverse force = 50 kN

Example applications

Einsatzbeispiel mit Schwupp-Spannstab und Schwupp-Sprint 1 = NOE anchor cap
2 = Tie rod
3 = Sprint nut

Einsatzbeispiel mit Richtstütze 1 = NOE anchor cap
2 = NOE connection bolt
3 = Stabilizer

Einsatzbeispiel mit Schraubdorn und Geländerrohr 1 = NOE cast-in anchor cap
2 = NOE bolting pin,
Part No. 111402 screwed into NOE anchor cap 
3 = Handrail tube,
Part No. 111400 pushed onto NOE bolting pin