Aesthetic flood protection


Project data

Aesthetic flood protection


Garmisch-Patenkirchen Municipality

Redesigned riverbed

Formwork systems
  • NOEtop
  • NOEplast textured formliner motif “Murus Romanus”
Special features
Out of 40 components, no two component were alike, and the formwork had to be designed individually at every point. One reason for this is that the concrete walls of the riverbed are folded in two planes: the first to follow the course of the river as it snakes through the town and second to form the U-shaped channel cross section.

Wasserwirtschaftsamt Weilheim, Weilheim i. Ob.

Main contractor  Teerag-Asdag, Akteingesellschaft, Roppe, Austria

Project planning and design  SKI GmbH + Co.KG
Consulting Engineers for civil engineering, water resource management, water engineering, earthworks, Munich

“We are very satisfied with the formwork and the textured formliners and are pleased that we went for the full-service option.”
Site Foreman Michael Gritsch