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NOEtop - steel frame formwork with integrated bracing

The name “top” says it all. NOEtop is an impressive, innovative and future-oriented frame formwork system. NOE developed this system to fulfil a multifunctional role. Its very wide field of application extends far beyond that of ordinary frame formwork. With an allowable concrete pressure of 88 kN/m², NOEtop is suitable for use on all typical construction projects. The system has a broad range of additional elements to make your work easier.

  • Versatile in use
    Integral bracing allows NOEtop to be used as beam formwork (without external strongbacks etc.)
  • Long service life
    Frames and profiles are hot-dip zinc galvanized, inside and outside.
  • Robust
    All panels have corner castings and uniform profile thicknesses. 
  • XXL
    Form concrete economically with the largest panels on the market with an area of 14.05 m² (5.30x2.65 m or 2.65x5.30 m) with no joints in the facing. 
  • Easily erected and removed stripping corners
    For lift shafts, stairwell cores, buildings on sites with little working space
  • Easy to operate and service corners
    Adjustable internal and external corners with easy to operate and service adjustment mechanisms and replaceable PU strips. 
  • Ease of handling
    Corner castings with integrated lever edge. 
  • Innovative and time-saving stabilizer connection