Climate-friendly formwork


Project data

Klimahaus 8° Ost, Bremerhaven


Formwork systems
  • NOEalu L 1,350 m²
  • 15 mm thick NOEform formwork facing
  • H20 downstand beam soffit formwork 860 m²
  • NOE BKS push-pull props
  • NOE Vario 2000 78 m² with a height of 3.50 m and 7.0 m
  • NOE H20 deck formwork 4,400 m²
  • NOEtop 2,800 m²
  • NOE ST 200 and ADS supports
  • The walls were formed in some cases up to a height of 7.0 metres with 2,800 m² frame formwork, split between 1,200 m² for the  internal walls, and 1,600 m² for the stairwells/lift shafts
Special features
The Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost project, one of the largest in northern Germany, shows the way in terms of climate protection not only in its later operation but also during the construction phase. The appealing building is designed and built to meet strict ecological and climate-protection requirements. Consequently, no rare tropical timber was to be used, materials should be recyclable and environmentally certified.

Project idea
Petri & Tiemann GmbH

Operator Klimahaus Betriebsgesellschaft mbH

Project sponsor
BEAN Bremerhavener Entwicklungsgesellschaft Alter/Neuer Hafen mbH & Co.KG

Klumpp Architekten

Overall project management
STÄWOG städtische Wohnungsgesellschaft Bremerhaven mbH

Main contractor
D & B Baugruppe, Buildings and industrial construction, Rhein-Ruhr Branch, 45470 Mühlheim

More Info

“With a site of this size and relatively little storage space, a main contractor has to rely on efficient partners. Formwork must be there precisely when it is needed. This was managed very well for the Klimahaus project.”
Site Manager Dipl-Ing. H. Gotthart and Foreman Manfred Knoblauch for D & B