Aesthetic architecture in concrete for a utility building


Project data

ProjectShaft-top building


LocationKulch Tunnel near Lichtenfels

PurposeDeutsche Bahn AG is building a continuous rail line between Nuremberg and Berlin. Among the works necessary is the Kulch Tunnel.

Formwork systems
  • NOEplast “Murus Romanus” textured formliner
  • NOEtop frame formwork
  • NOEtec

Special featuresTextured formliners and formwork panels supplied ready for immediate use on site. This is beneficial above all for in-situ concrete sites, where there are often no level, clean set-down areas, and temperature fluctuations can make gluing the formliners in place problematical.

ClientDB ProjektBau GmbH Regionalbereich Südost, Major Project VDE8, Erfurt

Main contractorArge Tunnel Kulch consisting of:
HOCHTIEF Solutions AG, Essen
Alpine Bau Deutschland AG, Eching
Alpine BeMo Tunnelling GmbH, Innsbruck, Austria
Bickhardt Bau Aktiengesellschaft, Kirchheim