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NOE AB 300 – compact, self-locking, strong

NOE AB 300 can be installed on site without much effort. Self-locking suspension hooks provide the highest level of safety almost instantly.

  • Compact
    Dimensions designed for transport
  • Long service life
    Steel parts hot-dip zinc galvanised
  • Ready for immediate use
    Can be used on site immediately after unloading from the truck
  • Flexible hook arrangement 
  • Safe
    Safe access down to suspended platforms below
  • Flexible
    The fastening can be chosen to suit your purpose, e.g. scaffold bolt M 36, threaded anchor M or 36x430 removable cone
  • Well designed
    Practical internal and external corner solutions
  • Load-bearing
    Permissible service load 300 kg/m² (scaffold group 4 in accordance with DIN 4420) 
  • Dimensions
    Length: 4.00 m; 6.00 m
    Width: 2.30 m Working width: 2.10 m 
  • Variable
    The hinged NOE working platform AB 300 can be attached centrally or off-centre by up to 25 cm
  • Super-wide
    2.10 m working width