NOEtop4 – steel frame formwork with one-sided tie rod system

A masterful combination of experience and forward thinking. NOEtop4 was developed from the insights gained during many years’ use of the NOEtop system and inspired by our ideas for the future. NOEtop4 complements all the advantages of NOEtop with many more of its own. Both formwork types are mutually combinable.

  • Quick installation
    The one-sided tie system speeds up installation 
  • Easy disassembly
    The tapering shape of the tie rods makes them easy to remove 
  • Environmentally friendly
    Sleeves are not required, hence there is no cutting to length or disposal of the sleeve offcuts 
  • Less additional work
    No cones to install, no unused tie bar positions to seal 
  • Modern panel sizes
    The basic height of 3.00 or 3.60 m makes it easier to accommodate today’s demand for higher room heights