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NOEtop4 Concrete in top form

Self-locking and flexible: Installation-friendly scaffold brackets

Self-locking brackets from NOE create the conditions for optimum workplace safety on concreting and walkway scaffolds at great height and shorten installation times.

Direct advantages

→ Maximum safety for site operatives

→ Time savings from simple and safe installation

→ Flexible positioning on profiles running horizontally or vertically

Simply stronger: Improved corner castings

Robust corner castings on the panels make handling them on site easier and reduce the risk of damage.

Direct advantages

→ Improved corner castings

→ Optimum insertion points for pry bars

→ Low risk of damage when setting down, aligning, adjusting and releasing

Modern panel modules: New standard heights for panels

With its taller panels, NOEtop4 offers standard product solutions for the changed requirements resulting from the trend for greater room and storey heights in modern buildings.

Direct advantages

→ Panels available in new standard sizes for greater storey heights

→ Less use of extension panels

→ Savings in time and materials

→ Fewer joint marks in the concrete surface

Always releasable: Removable fixed bearing

The fixed bearings on the first-face formwork side are themselves not permanently fixed in place; in fact they can be individually removed without damaging the valuable panels.

Direct advantages

→ The fixed bearing can be removed from the first-face formwork

→ No damage to the panel due to problems releasing the tie rods

One-person installation: Ergonomic heavy duty fastenings

Thanks to the ergonomic design of the heavy duty fastenings for NOEtop4, they require only one person to install them.

Direct advantages

→ One-person installation of heavy duty fastenings

→ Time and labour savings

→ Installation on horizontal and vertical profiles