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Curved, textured and structural


Project data

ProjectRetaining walls with NOEplast Murus Romanus masonry relief



PurposeA retaining wall must be rebuilt in parts due to flood damage.

Formwork systems
  • NOEplast textured formliner with the “Murus Romanus” stone masonry relief
  • NOECombi 70
Special featuresThe special feature of NOEplast standard textured formliners is that they have a glassfibre fabric backing, which ensures they are robust and minimises dimensional changes due to temperature fluctuations. Moreover, the formliners can be used up to 100 times, which drastically reduces the price per square metre of concrete surface on a project. NOE is the only manufacturer that can supply textured formliners already glued in the factory onto formwork or onto supporting boards that can be screwed to the formwork panels. 

Main contractorBau GmbH Franke, Hainewalde

The main contractor's site team were so impressed with the products and services supplied by NOE-Schaltechnik during the construction of this project that Bau GmbH Franke placed a follow-up order with the formwork manufacturer very shortly afterwards. A company could wish for no greater praise.