Concreted in one pour


Project data


Süssen Bypass


Location Süssen, Germany

PurposeSüssen Bypass is intended to relieve through traffic from the town centre. An overpass was built as part of this project.

Formwork systems
  • NOEtop wall formwork 5.30 x 2.65 m

Special featuresThe entire bridge had to be concreted in one pour to ensure the structure would act as a portal frame. This presented the contractor with several challenges: since the volume of the abutments is quite large, there was a risk that the heat of hydration of the cement would produce temperatures of 45 °C or more in the concrete, which could lead to it cracking. In addition, the bridge is built to a slight curve, which meant that the contractor's concreting gang had to work “uphill”. Added to this is the asymmetry of the bridge, with one abutment being higher than the other, which makes concreting operations even more difficult.

Main contractorAndreas Stark GmbH & Co. KG, Aalen
Referenzbericht Ortsumfahrugn Süßen

Giuseppe Maniscalco, the site foreman, says: “NOEtop made our work much easier – which was one crucial reason why we opted for NOE. Another was something that the site team knew they could rely on: when the need arises, a NOE expert is always available and able to come up with a solution“.