NOE H20 deck formwork – efficient and cost effective

NOE H20 deck formwork is flexible in use. Thanks to its perfectly matched system components, it can be adjusted for a wide range of situations to accommodate, e.g. various shapes in plan, deck thicknesses, formwork facings or the integration of downstand beams.

The formwork beam made out of timber is 20 cm deep and optimised for use in deck formwork. NOE H20 is the perfect solution for thinner decks with short spans.

  • Can be used as transverse beams and walers
  • Open choice of formwork surface layer allows for individual concrete surface finish requirements
  • Infinitely adjustable for downstand beam cross sections up to 700 mm deep
  • No bolting or tying through the downstand beam
  • Wedge cannot be lost as it is fastened to the downstand beam angle
  • Cost-effective solution for deck edge formwork
  • Simple to integrate an anti-fall guard
  • Usable as freestanding units or in combination with deck formwork