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Flood protection for Dresden


Project data

Concrete flood protection wall in Cossebaude


Flood protection wall system north-west of Dresden in Cossebaude

A number of water retention systems are currently being built to protect the people living in and around Dresden against floods

Formwork systems
  • NOE Combi 70
  • NOEplast textured formliner “Murus Romanus”, a natural stone masonry relief 

Special features
One advantage of these textured formliners is that they can be used up to 100 times, which makes them extremely economical. On request, NOE can attach the textured formliners to supporting boards and install them on the basic formwork surface, all ready for use. The advantage for the contractor is that he has only to erect the already assembled elements and can therefore begin preparing for the concrete pour without losing any time. The NOE team worked out a special formwork concept and performed all the formwork panel utilisation planning on behalf of the contractor.

The NOE Combi 70 system has several advantages: Ties are required only at the top and bottom ends of the lattice girders. On the dyke wall at Cossebaude, this had the advantage that the ties were only 10 cm above the base and approximately 290 cm above the top of the wall. No cosmetic filling of tie rod cone holes in the surfaces produced by the textured formliners was necessary.

Main contractor
Otto-Heil GmbH & Co.KG