NOE FixKonus - tie rod fixing made easy

The NOE FixKonus is a revolutionary system offering new possibilities of use. It consists of a support cone and a centring cone. Between them sits a conventional sleeve. The NOE FixKonus allows conventional tie rods to be used to implement 1-sided tie formwork arrangements. Alternatively, NOE FixKonus can be used for 2-sided tie formwork arrangements and makes erection of the second-side formwork easier because the tie sleeve as already in its correct position.


  • The sleeve attaches independently to the formwork
  • One-sided tie with conventional sleeve and tie rod   
  • No need for panel refits   
  • Use with 1-sided or conventional tie systems
  • The arrangement can be changed from a 1-sided to a 2-sided tie formwork arrangement – without having to refit the formwork
  • No need for a new system