NOEtop FS – for concreting tie rod free columns

The NOEtop FS allows columns with cross sections from 200 to 600 mm to be concreted without tie rods. The cross section dimensions are adjustable in 50 mm increments. Erecting and stripping the formwork is done in one piece, i.e. the formwork does not have to be assembled or disassembled. Repositioning can also be done in one piece. Safety is built-in with working platforms and ladder access including integrated back propping.

  • Concreting of tie rod free columns  
  • Cross sections 200 – 600 mm in 50 mm increments
  • Free choice of facing
  • NOEtop steel edge and top hat profiles
  • Foldable, i.e. the formwork can be closed around the reinforcement
  • With attached platform and ladder access
  • Stackable to save space
  • Flexible with panel heights of 3500, 2750, 1250 and 600 mm
  • Permissible concrete pressure 120 kN/m²