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Branich Tunnel


Project data

ProjectNOEtec - Branich Tunnel


PurposeThe 1796 m long Branich Tunnel was built as part of the bypass of the town of Schriesheim, Germany

Formwork systems
  • NOEtec deck formwork carriage approx. 10 m long, 9.6 m wide and 6 m high with a load capacity of about 60 tonnes 
  • NOEtec reinforcement carriage 10 m long, approx. 14 m wide and 9 m high
  • NOEtop with integral bracing
  • NOE H20 timber beam as facing support for NOEform formwork facing
  • NOE  LS 200 heavy duty props

Special featuresThe NOEtec system fulfils two completely different tasks. As on all construction sites, time is a precious commodity, so the NOE engineers ensured that the reinforcement carriage did not have to be completely dismantled in order to fit through the smaller standard tunnel cross section to reach the second emergency bay. For this reason, they designed the reinforcement carriage in such a way that the top working platform could be lowered and the middle platform folded in sideways.

ClientState of Baden-Württemberg, Karlsruhe Regional Authority

Main contractorEd. Züblin AG, Stuttgart 

The system impressed the site team with its short installation times and intrinsically self-explanatory construction. The deck formwork carriage and the reinforcement carriage each took the erectors 7 working days to build. Both NOEtec carriages were designed to allow site vehicles to pass unhindered through them and therefore caused no interruption to construction operations in the tunnel.