Battered back abutment face


Project data


Bridge abutment for the new section of the B464 road

LocationFrom Sindelfingen to Renningen

PurposeThree bridges are being constructed for a widened and new section of the B464 from Sindelfingen to Renningen.

Formwork systems
  • NOEtop frame formwork
  • NOEtop large-area elements 5.30 x 2.65 m

Special featuresThe abutments have a backward sloping front face, i.e. not vertical but “battered back” towards the rear. On all three structures, the front abutment wall slopes backwards by up to 1.5 metres from bottom to top. Therefore the wing walls meet the front wall of the abutment at a vertically inclined right-angled edge.

Main contractorBSN
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"This was the most efficient solution for the project,” says the contractor’s engineer, and adds “Whereas beam formwork would have been used in other similar cases, NOEtop frame formwork with integrated bracing resulted in more flexibility of use and cost savings. Not the least important factor in making the complete project a success was the good advice from NOE-Schaltechnik, Süssen.”

"The NOEtop frame formwork’s integrated bracing was a great advantage. This made inclining the front face formwork at such a steep angle no problem. Furthermore, the large amount of reinforcement did not always allow the tie rods to be placed in the specified positions; they often had to be displaced slightly. Again, the integrated bracing allowed us to do this without any extra work,” explains Mr Nill, Managing Director of BSN

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