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Dantercepies Val Gardena


Project data

ProjectMultiply curved and aesthetically designed


LocationUpper and lower stations of the Dantercepies cable car lift in Wolkenstein in Gröden South Tyrol

PurposeThe existing stations did not meet the requirements of the increasing visitor numbers, therefore the upper and lower stations were replaced.

Formwork systemsNOEplast “Speyer” plaster textured formliner

Special featuresSeveral landslides at the start of the construction works required the cable car route to be redesigned and an intermediate station introduced. Despite the landslides and additional intermediate station, the works for the upper and lower stations were completed a week earlier than the agreed date. The special feature of the structures was that the concrete elements were multiply curved in three dimensions to allow the roof surfaces to transition seamlessly into wall surfaces.

ClientSeggiovie Dantercepies spa, Wolkenstein in Gröden (Selva di Val Gardena), Italy

Main contractorSchweigkofler GmbH, Barbian (Südtirol)

Architect Rudolf Perathoner, Wolkenstein

"We obtained a large number of quotations from various textured formliner manufacturers for the construction of the two lift stations. In the end, we went for NOEplast because of the compelling quality of the product. NOEplast has the great advantage of being resilient under mechanical loading. Looking back on the experience, I must say the decision in favour of NOE was the right one”
Erich Schweigkofler, Site Manager for Schweigkofler GmbH