Flood protection at Döbeln


Project data

ProjectPigmented concrete with a natural stone masonry look


LocationDöbeln, Saxony

PurposeThe district market town of Döbeln stands in the Freiberger Mulde Valley, Central Saxony, where the Freiberger Mulde and a flood channel meet. Döbeln was struck by floods in August 2002 and June 2013. Water stood more than 3.5 m  deep in some parts of the town centre and flooded an area of approximately 310 ha. Even though the clean-up started quickly, it was clear that some form of flood prevention works would be essential.

Formwork systemsNOEplast “Murus Romanus” textured formliner
NOEratio beam formwork

Special featuresNOEratio was used as one-sided formwork. A formwork height of up to 4.5 m was achieved with only two tie rods: One at the base and the other at the top,  about 30 cm below the top of the bored pile. The horizontal distance between tie rods was 75 cm. This ensured that no tie rod holes spoiled the look of the natural stone masonry wall relief of the concrete surface.  NOE designed the tie rod arrangement for the main contractor.

Main contractorGunter Hüttner, Chemnitz
Hundhausen-Bau, Eisenach