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Sustainable thinking is not only gaining traction in society, it is also becoming increasingly important in the formwork sector. 

We, as a company, take the sustainability of our products very seriously and are well aware of our responsibilities. 

From our company’s very beginning, we have been behaved sustainably. Until the early 1950s, our main material was wood. These formwork elements, however, could only be used once. It was against this background that our company founder, Georg Meyer-Keller, had the idea of developing a formwork system that could be used universally and above all multiple times. 

The high manufacturing quality of all NOE products makes them extremely durable. Moreover, every new NOE formwork system is compatible with the existing systems.

The material that NOE uses for its products is recyclable.

NOE always seeks to supply products and services regionally to keep transport distances short. 

NOE considers sustainability not only for its products. Sustainability in how NOE treats its employees works in the company’s interest, because providing training courses and strengthening the social side of working keeps staff turnover as low as possible. The result is a workforce with many long-serving employees.