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Vroenhoven Bridge


Project data

ProjectMore than a bridge

LocationAlbert Canal Bridge at Vroenhoven in Belgium

PurposeThe Albert Canal is being enlarged so that it can be used by larger ships. The old bridges are being demolished and a new bridge erected here.

Formwork systemsNOEplast “Granite IV” stone relief

Special featuresThe special feature of this structure is that the surface looks like rough-hewn granite, which, with its various grooves and ridges, creates a surface looking quite similar to that of the original bridge. A surface or concrete retarding agent can be used to delay the rate of hardening to bring out this effect even more. This results in the outer cementitious layer not fully hardening. After the formwork is stripped, the softer material is removed with a vigorous water jet to reveal the aggregate, which contributes to the unmistakeable appearance of the bridge.

ClientMinistry of the Flemish Community/ Environment and Infrastructure, Roads and Transportation, Brussels, Belgium

Main contractorCei-De Meyer NV, Brussels, Belgium

ArchitectNey & Partners sa, Brussels, Belgium in cooperation with Jozef Legrand, Berlin