About us

NOE-Schaltechnik is a modern and innovative medium-sized company. In concrete formwork technology, we are one of the leading vendors on the market. To this day, we are a global technology leader and can score points with our partners with our experience, especially in technical planning and project-related consulting.

Our head office is in Süssen, Baden-Württemberg. With three technical offices, six subsidiaries abroad and various sales partners, we are internationally active.

Stefan Blessing
Managing Partner

Stefan Blessing is the third generation to head NOE. He has been a member of the management board since 1998 and, as managing partner, is responsible for sales, marketing and finance.

Christian Basedow
Managing Director

Christian Basedow has been a member of the management board since Nimbus became the majority shareholder in 2017 and is responsible for strategic management.

Bernd Fetzer
Managing Director

Bernd Fetzer was appointed Managing Director in 2020. He is responsible for technology, production, rental warehouse, materials management, IT and training. Prior to this, he had already held a management position at NOE for over 25 years.