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Project data

ProjectTowards the setting sun

LocationHook of Holland is a district of Rotterdam and part of the town of Schiedam

PurposeThe stations along a Dutch metro line were aesthetically upgraded with fair-faced concrete portals. A metro line used by passengers to visit local beaches runs between the towns of Hook of Holland and Schiedam. So that passengers can always recognise which stations served a beach, the authorities decided to make them easy to identify from a fair-faced concrete portal bearing a relief of a stylised school of fish on its surface.

Formwork systemsFair-faced concrete portal with a relief of a stylised school of fish on its surface. In addition, the concrete was pigmented so that passengers would notice steps of colour from yellow to orange.

Special featuresThe fair-faced concrete portals are pigmented and given a special surface relief.

Graphic artistRotterdam Designer Erik Sandifort

Project architect
M.P.A.M. Marc Verheijen, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Client, architect and the graphic designer are very satisfied with the end result. The depth effect of the motif on the fair-faced concrete portals together with the colour nuances bring harmony to the whole project.