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No other building material gives you more design freedom than concrete. No other building material is so formable as concrete. NOEplast brings concrete surfaces to life, gives them texture, form and a third dimension. 

Our years of experience in formwork construction and with concrete as a material allow us to assist and advise you from the preliminary design to the completed structure and ensure you achieve an optimum result. Whether it is a hand-drawn sketch, a cast or a computer-designed texture, we can realise your design idea. 

With a number of different techniques available and our competent advice, nothing stands in the way of creating your required texture. With NOEplast, we can make your project reality by, for example, making a cast of an existing object or creating your own design of texture from scratch in our own model shop. 

NOE offers a further advantage: the company is the only manufacturer to provide both NOE concrete formwork and textured formliners from a single source. If requested, textured formliners can be delivered preinstalled on supporting boards and ready for use. In the precasting works or on site. Of course – if requested – NOE can also take care of the formwork design, casting sequence and formwork use planning for you.