Lycée Marc Bloch


Project data

ProjectReferencing old building techniques in concrete


LocationIn Sérignan

PurposeConstruction of a building complex as a leisure and educational facility for school students.

Formwork systemsNOEplast “Camargue” timber textured formliner

Special features These textured formliners are completely new and were specially designed for this project. The object of this textured formliner design was to create an appearance as close as possible to bundles of reeds. Natural reeds were moulded in liquid polyurethane to manufacture this NOEplast textured formliner.

ClientDUMEZ SU (Vinvi Construction Group), Hérault Subsidiary

Main contractorFontes Architecture, Montpellier, France

Textured formlinersNOE-France, St. Quentin, France